Faslane to “remain part of England” says BBC man


BBC Chief Political Correspondent Norman Smith revealed a startling lack of knowledge of the geography of Britain today when he informed listeners that UK Defence Secretary Philip Hammond would be considering keeping Faslane in England in the event of Scottish independence.
Smith, who was giving his analysis of the sacking of Michael Moore as Scottish Secretary, suggested Mr Moore’s successor might add a bit of steel to the role which has become an anti-independence stick, before going on to suggest that Faslane would stay part of England.

In a blundering item broadcast on Good Morning Scotland, Smith revealed either an incredible ignorance of geography, or more likely, a Metropilitan disdain for the constituent parts of the UK, by assuming the UK and England are one and the same.

Smith told listeners that following independence, “Faslane may have to remain part of England”.

Faslane is of course situated in the west of Scotland.