Father speaks out about son’s bravery during armed robbery


Syed Manzoor Ali Gilani told of the incident in May, in which his 25-year-old son Aiden was confronted by two armed robbers in the post office they own in Knightsridge, Livingston.

Francis McLean, 50, and Valene Brown, 21, entered the post office weilding a 20-inch samurai sword and wearing masks.

They ordered Aiden to lie on the ground and threatened to kill him if he moved. They then removed a £16,270 from the safe. Aiden managed, however, to grab the sword from one of them who was distracted and fight them off. They dropped £14,000 as they fled.

Aiden’s father said: “He made my day to be honest. He gave them such a scare they will never ever try this again,”

“They came in and hit him with the sword handle and floored him. But he came to his senses and managed to get the sword off them.

“He’s just a frail wee boy but at that point the robbers knew they were in trouble. He then started swinging the sword and I think he managed to hit them with it and they dropped some of the money.

“He chased them outside and there were lots of people watching what was going on.  I was working in the shop next door and saw him coming out with money in his hand.

“I’m so proud of him and he did the right thing by standing up to them and I think the people round here appreciated it. There are two ways you can react in that situation; you can either turn around and run away or you can confront them.

“It will certainly discourage others from trying it again and, hopefully, they will get lengthy sentences.”

McLean and Brown are due to be sentenced at the High Court in Edinburgh on October 17th.