First Ministers Questions – A Newsnet Scotland Special


This First Ministers Questions comes days after the chaos of Monday morning when Scotland’s central belt road network ground to a halt.

Newsnet Scotland, as is now traditional, will provide no analysis of the session.

However, given that Monday’s weather and resultant chaos dominated the session today we have, in addition to video recordings of the session, provided a collection of video and audio clips from Sunday 5th Dec and early Monday 06th Dec.

We have placed the recordings of weather forecasts and travel updates first in the article, the recordings of FMQs then follows.

It will be up to the listener/viewer to decide whether or not the Met office and BBC Scotland forecast the conditions that hit the central belt at rush hour on Monday and of course to form their own opinions on the resultant exchanges at FMQs.

The BBC weathermap from Sunday evening

Radio Scotland forecast 06:08am Monday 06th Dec

Radio Scotland Travel update 06:40am

Radio Scotland Travel update 06:50am

Met Office spokesman 07:15am Monday 06th Dec

Head of Cosla, Pat Watters interview 07th Dec


Iain Gray’s exchange with the first Minister{/youtube}

First Minister answers Goldie and Scott{/youtube}

The remainder of FMQs{/youtube}


Warning: We forecast a blizzard of comments.