First Ministers Questions – Jan 20 2011


Newsnet Scotland has provided three clips of this week’s First Ministers Questions.  We show Iain Gray’s exchanges with the First Minister followed by those of the Conservative and Lib Dem leaders.

The third clip is of the remainder of the session.  As ever, we will provide no analysis of the session and invite visitors to watch the proceedings and form their own views.  This will allow each individual to determine the accuracy or otherwise of the events as described by the media in Scotland.

Exchanges between the First Minister and Iain Gray


Exchanges between Goldie/Scott and First Minister


Remainder of the session


Here is BBC Scotland’s Sarah Paterson giving her account of the session on Radio Scotland just before tea time.  In this instance we will make a comment and we note that Ms Paterson left out the First Minister’s substantive direct response to Iain Gray’s ‘doctoring’ accusation and instead presented listeners with a flippant off the cuff remark about ‘Desert island Discs’.