First widely predicted ‘Scottish Extremist’ story appears in Scottish press


The first story, since the referendum debate kicked off in earnest, suggesting threats by nationalist ‘extremists’ has appeared in a Scottish newspaper.
Widely predicted by independence supporters, the story claims that a ‘group’ of independence minded extremists has threatened to carry out a terrorist attack against opponents of Scottish independence.

According to the Scottish Sunday Express a group calling itself the Scottish National Liberation Army has threatened to “target” London and other major cities if Westminster continues to interfere in the independence referendum.  The story also featured on BBC Scotland’s Shereen Nanjiani radio programme early on Sunday morning.

However the so called group is little more than well-known misfit Adam Busby, a pathetic figure with a history of sending bizarre and often fantastical emails and threats, together with his son – also called Adam.

The Busbys, well known to the UK authorities and ritually derided by independence supporters, have a long history of issuing Walter Mitty type threats against both opponents and supporters of Scottish independence.

Busby senior, who is confined to a wheelchair with multiple sclerosis, ‘operated’ in the Irish Republic for years in the full knowledge of the UK authorities.

His so called ‘organisation’ has appeared sporadically in the Scottish press over the years.  The ‘tartan terrorist’ articles usually coincide with the issue of independence coming to the fore.

In 2010, twenty years after moving to Ireland, Busby was convicted in an Irish court after sending hoax bomb threats four years earlier from a Dublin library computer against two New York flights – BAA did not take the threats seriously.  This followed an earlier 1997 sentence for similar hoax threats. 

His son, a plasterer from Paisley, was also recently jailed for making threatening phone calls to the Daily Record newspaper and the Scottish Press Association.

Busby jnr also claimed to have sent threatening packages to First Minister Alex Salmond and ex Lib Dem MSP Mike Rumbles in order, he said, to highlight his father’s ill health.