Five Artists in Search of a Country


The 2014 independence referendum will give Scots the opportunity to decide which constitutional route the nation takes.
Next month, five artists will come together to share their own vision of what this might mean in terms of the cultural and political future of Scotland.

David Greig (playwright and theatre director), Jim Sutherland (composer – La Banda Europa), Dave Hook (musician – Solareye from Stanley Odd), Jenny Lindsay (winner 2012 Edinburgh Festival Slam), Cora Bissett (actor/singer – Roadkill/Glasgow Girls) will discuss the implications of the 2014 referendum.

How have the arts shaped and reflected the debate?  What does independence mean to them?  What effect will a Yes or a No vote have on the arts?

A one day only event, chaired by actress and comedian Elaine C Smith. 
Monday 12 August, Assembly Rooms, George St, Edinburgh 2.30pm – Tickets £10.00.

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