“Five days to freeze council tax for five years” – Salmond


Campaigning in Linlithgow and Falkirk East on the final Saturday of the Scottish Parliament election – two key Labour-held target seats – and with five campaigning days to go, First Minister and Scottish National Party leader Alex Salmond said that Scots had “five days to freeze the Council Tax for five years”.

Mr Salmond said:

“Scotland has five days to freeze the Council Tax for five years.  At a time of soaring fuel bills and Westminster’s VAT hike, the SNP’s Council Tax freeze for the whole of the next Parliament is vital for families the length and breadth of Scotland, as well as being massively popular.

“Only the SNP stand for the five-year Council Tax freeze – all of the other parties have declared their opposition to it.  Therefore, the bigger the SNP vote on Thursday, the better we can overcome the Labour/ Tory/ Lib Dem alliance and deliver the Council Tax freeze for the whole of the next parliament – saving the average household over £1,200.

“The Council Tax is a regressive tax, and so relative to income the Council Tax freeze helps the least well off households the most.  It is a progressive measure, vital for the progress of Scotland.

“Scots want to freeze the Council Tax– and the only way to get it is to vote SNP on both the constituency and list ballots on Thursday.

“Many people are considering voting SNP for the first time in this election because they want to back our record, team and vision for Scotland, but we are taking absolutely nothing for granted.

“On Thursday, we need a strong SNP vote so that we can continue Scotland’s progress – including the Council Tax freeze – and that the London-based parties cannot block our plans for a better Scotland.

“This weekend and for the next five days of the campaign, the SNP will be working harder than ever before to ensure voters across Scotland know that it is only with a strong SNP vote that we can give Scottish families and pensioners the support and protection from rising bills that they need for the next five years.”