‘Fixated individuals’ pose increasing threat to Holyrood MSPs.


MSPs have been told “fixated individuals” present an increasing danger to the Scottish Parliament.

A spokesperson for the parliament’s corporate body said: “The nature of the terrorist threat facing the parliament has changed in recent years.  There is increased concern about the threat from fixated individuals.”

The warning came as details emerged of the levels of crime committed in the building at Holyrood.

158 crimes have been recorded in the Parliament building since 2003 as well as 298 in the parliament’s special postcode area since 2007.

360 items have been surrendered by visitors at the public entrance since April 2009 – 126 of the surrendered items were confiscated and not returned to owners including mostly illegal knives and blades.  Surrendered items are not recorded as incidents of crime.

Early in September, security staff began wearing stab vests at the main entrance, where illegal knives and other blades have been surrendered by visitors.

Each member of Parliament’s security staff received a stab vests at a total cost of £35,500.

The information was given in response to a question in the chamber from SNP backbencher John Wilson.