Former Glasgow Lord Provost in Facebook ‘riot joke’ slur


by a Newsnet reporter

A former Labour provost of Glasgow has been caught on Facebook making what appears to be a poor taste joke about the London riots.

Michael Kelly, the outspoken former Lord Provost of Scotland’s largest local authority, was responding to another Facebook message about the cost of clothing when he wrote “Cheaper in Clapham”.

The remark is thought to be a reference to the widespread rioting and looting that has decimated many parts of London and destroyed businesses and homes.

In another discussion on the riots in England he referred to the First minister as the “First Haggis” and claimed that Alex Salmond was “gloating over others troubles”.

Kelly’s comments will be seen by many as insensitive at a time when there is widespread condemnation of the violence and lawlessness gthat has devasteted English inner cities. 

However they are not the only questionable messages that appear on his Facebook page.

Last week the outspoken former Labour councillor spoke of families in Pollok “clogging up my cycle path” and of going to Edinburgh “to avoid them” on the day of the area’s family fun day.  Kelly has also mocked the appearance of a female on a TV show asking why she wears her hair up when she has big ears.

“Anyone know why a burd with such big ears as her on the Rob Brydon show would wear her hair up?”

Other comments show him refer to Winston Churchill as a “genocidal tyrant” and making a reference to the Norwegian gunman who recently massacred scores of teenagers in order to attack Kenny McAskill’s decision to release Al-Megrahi.

The nation of Denmark is insulted when Kelly says: “lego. Denmark must be a dull place if this is what they do in their spare time.”

A comment on his page by Brian Fitzpatrick falsely claims that the report that freed Al-Megrahi was paid for by Libya and that the Scottish doctor who compiled the report saw Megrahi as his client.

“I will pay £50 to a cancer charity of any Nat’s choice for the names of those “eminent Scottish oncologists” who advised Macaskill. The reporting officer was a very young GP who,understandably,saw his patient as the “client”.The determining report was paid for by Libya and procured from rent-an-expert,but not in prostatic cancer, Karol Sikora who later expressed his regret at what he had done.”

Kelly is an outspoken and often controversial columnist in the Scotsman newspaper.  His comment about clothing being cheaper in Clapham will be seen as unfortunate given the tragic events that have unfolded in England.