Former senior diplomat dismisses currency and EU scares


The Scottish National Party has welcomed comments from former senior British diplomat Colin Munro who has said “tough but sensible” negotiations would be held on forming a currency union following a vote for Scottish independence.

Mr Munro, who is the former British permanent representative to the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe, also accused Westminster of arrogant behaviour towards the people of Scotland.

The former diplomat who is an expert on the founding of independent European states from his work at the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), also criticised the “clumsiness” of the No campaign.
Munro also cast doubt on the claim by the UK government that an independent Scotland would have a difficult path to EU membership saying threats that Scotland would not be able to join the EU as an independent state were not plausible.

The comments are a blow to David Cameron who repeated his government’s opposition to a currency union on a visit Scotland.  The Prime Minister is on a two day trip as he seeks to stem the rise in support for a Yes vote.

Commenting, SNP Westminster Leader Angus Robertson MP said:
“With every passing day, the anti-independence ‘Project Fear’ campaign is being exposed for its negativity and dishonesty.
“This was confirmed in the Guardian by a UK Government minister who exposed the empty currency threats, and now by someone with impeccable UK diplomatic credentials.
“No wonder that many people in Scotland are sick of being bullied and are backing a yes vote for the first time. There will be a currency union to share the pound because its suits the interests if the rest of the UK as well as Scotland. And Trident nuclear weapons will go from Scotland, because that is one of the principled reasons for independence.”