France staps income o Tuneisian refugees


Yestreen French border polis stappit a train cairriein Tuneisian migrants an activists fae Italie whan hit gaed tae corse the border at Ventimiglia-Menton.  The French accion gart the Italian governament tae mak a furmal diplomatic protest.  Tensions atwein Italie and France is growin ower the weird o Nor African migrants at is lowpin thair ain kintras, feirt fae persecucion an violence.

Italian railwey offeicials sayed on Sunday at French authorities wis deforcin aa trains fae corsin the border fae the Italian toun o Ventimiglia ti the French toun o Menton on the Mediterranean cost.

The Italian protest cryed the French accion “illegeitimat, an in clair violacion o general European principles”.

Italy haes compleined in recent weeks at hits European Union partners haes leed hit alane tae fend mair nor 20,000 Tuneisian an ither immigrants at haes incam ti the suddren island o Lampedusa efter pro-reform protesters cowpit the Tuneisian governament airlier this yeir.

Rome haes stertit tae gie out temporair permits ti the refugees, lattin thaim lee Italie fur ither kintras in Europe.  Italie says the permits wull lat the Tuneisians traivel unner the Schengen Accords at allous free traivel amangst maist o the EU’s 27 memmer-states.   Bit France haes sayed hit wullnae honour the Italian permits gin the migrants cannae pruive thae wull kin fend thairsels wi legal wark o siller o thair ain.  Germanie haes sayed hit wull dae the same.

Last weik French Prime Meinister Francois Fillon turnt doun Italie’s caa fur ither kintras tae tak in some o the migrants, sayin there nae laws forcin European kintras tae tak in illegal economic migrants.  He sayed the Tuneisians maun gang hame.

European Commission chief Jose Manuel Barroso greed, an caaed fur an effort tae tak doun whit he cryed illegal traffickin groups at promotes sic migracion.  Mr Barroso eggit up Paris an Rome tae sowther thair disagreeance.

Wurds ye mibbie no ken

corse – cross

gar – make, cause

weird – fate

lowp – leap

lowp a kintra – flee a country

deforce – prevent

fend – provide for, support

cowp – to overturn

egg up – urge

sowther – settle (a quarrel){jcomments on}