Super-injunction granted to MP


A sitting MP has been granted a super-injunction which prevents disclosure of his activities. The information emerged from the House of Commons as MPs discussed the rapidly increasing use of gagging orders.

Recently, former Royal Bank of Scotland chief executive Sir Fred Goodwin was named in the Commons as having been granted a super-injunction. Lib Dem MP for Birmingham Yardley, John Hemming, who used Parliamentary privilege to reveal the existance of ‘Fred the Shred’s’ super-injuction which prevented publication of his business activities. The order backfired as word spread throughout the internet that he is a ‘*anker’.

Pressed on the subject of the rise in gagging orders Leader of the House Sir George Young said: “This is a very important issue about how we balance on the one hand an individual’s right to privacy and, on the other hand, the freedom of expression and transparency.”