Frustrated by BBC Scotland


Aileen MacDonald




I know that I am not the only person in Scotland who has been (and still is) regularly frustrated by the BBCs coverage, and non-coverage, of issues which are important to all of us in Scotland.


Newsnet Scotland has reported on last Sunday’s (14th March 2010) Politics Show “technical difficulties”, but this was by no means the first or even the 10th occasion I have contacted the BBC concerning the Politics Show, and Glenn Campbell in particular


I have lost count of the number of times members of the Scottish Government have been treated with ill concealed contempt, whilst we are forced to watch Campbell fawning over Labour Politicians, and Jim Murphy in particular.


Newsnight Scotland is no better, with recent interviews featuring Gordon Brewer and SNP politicians, notably Nicola Sturgeon after her genuine apology to the Scottish Parliament!!!


Gordon Brewer’s “interview technique” on that occasion (where incidentally he looked as though he may have come into the studio through a hedge backwards!) was to harass the Deputy First Minister into admitting her “wrongdoings”; maybe then bursting into tears and throwing herself on the mercy of the BBC.


Unfortunately for Gordon Brewer he was entering into a battle of wits as an unarmed combatant, and was pretty soon sweating and stammering, but not before he had asked: “What did you think you were doing”??……………. How dare he show his utter contempt for the Deputy First Minister in that manner?


Last night (Tuesday 16th March) we were treated to yet another showing of Gordon Brewer’s contempt for anything the SNP Government are involved in, and which will provide massive benefits for Scotland over the next 10 years.


Brewer was lumbered with three interviewees who were in accord that Wave/Tidal and Wind power would be of enormous benefit in terms of cost, sustainability and renewability; but that did not stop him from constantly interrupting all three to give his own opinion on the viability of the projects!!


He smirked and sneered his way through the entire 20 minute programme in which renewable energy was the only subject under discussion!


Yet again it seems the BBC have chosen to ignore the other main Scottish stories -which might highlight the failings of over 50 years of Labour Governance – in favour of trying to undermine one of the most important and ambitious projects of the decade.