Funding for Breast Screening announced


Twelve million pounds is being invested in upgrading breast screening equipment across Scotland.

The money will be invested in replacing analogue mammography machines with digital units over the next three years.

Breast screening in Scotland is delivered via six static centres and 19 mobile units, and currently all but one of the machines are currently analogue.

This funding will mean all of the machines across Scotland will be upgraded to digital units, using more advanced technology.

The investment has been revealed ahead of the launch of the Scottish Government’s breast cancer advertising drive this week (Tuesday).

It is part of the Scottish Government’s £30 million Detect Cancer Early programme, which aims to increase the early detection of cancer by 25 per cent.

Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon said:

“More and more people are living with and beating cancer and our breast screening programme is a vital part of that.

“We know that treatment is most successful when cancer is found early, and that is why being screened is absolutely vital for women over 50.

“This funding will benefit women across Scotland by using more advanced technology for the detection of cancer.”

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