FutureFest: Nicola Sturgeon on how government can shape the future


By Russell Bruce
In a fascinating speech at FutureFest 2018 in London First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon set out the vision and strategy the Scottish Government is delivering to shape Scotland’s future.

Organised by NESTA, Future Fest explored how innovation and information can be used to deliver a better future. NESTA has worked with 30 governments since 1998, exploring innovative solutions to deliver the successes of tomorrow.

Nicola Sturgeon describes how her government is working to deliver the industries and jobs of the future, improve peoples lives through access to health and education and develop social policy to make Scotland a prosperous and more equal country.

The clarity set out by the First Minister is a welcome contrast with the wishy washy phrases that trickle out of the mouths of Westminster ministers. May presides, just about, over a cabinet in constant turmoil.┬áThe Scottish Government works to high level cross-cutting objectives, co-ordinated across all Sturgeon’s ministries.

This video is a must watch to gain an insight into the structure of a government looking to the future rather than one at trying to recreate a lost past.