Generation Yes and National Collective set out to win the grandparent vote


Two of the Yes movement’s most active groups, Generation Yes and National Collective, have joined forces to urge their grandparents to vote Yes – for them and for Scotland.
Young people around the country are being asked to visit or get in touch their older relatives on Sunday and explain why they should back independence on Thursday.

The groups have created a special campaign pack, under the title Yes Generations#, that can be used to help them move their older relatives to Yes. It includes suggestions for writing poems, handwritten letters and other creative ways of engaging in independence chat with their grandparents.

Graeme Sneddon, speaking on behalf of both groups, said: “The polls convey that the only demographic that still needs a nudge to Yes is the over-60s.  On Thursday we could take the first step in creating a new future towards a fairer, nuclear free, democratic society. We need to pull together to strive to overcome the scare stories and effectively put our message across to our loved ones.
“So, tomorrow, with just four days before the referendum, we are asking each and every one of our followers to take a break, and reach out to older family members and loved ones by going to visit them, emailing them, calling them, and/or sending them letters to stress the importance of a Yes vote for all of our futures.”
The key messages are that pensions are not just guaranteed but set to improve with independence, and that Yes is an opportunity of a Yes vote for their children and grandchildren’s future.

Generation Yes campaigner Miriam Brett, 23, said: “I was so proud of my grandpa when he told me he was voting Yes that I burst into tears.  A Yes vote means so much to my generation.

“We want to let all our grandparents know that their future is secure  in our hands, and with a Yes we can build a better future for ourselves and for our children.

“The No campaign have gone out of their way to scare our grandparents with unfounded worries about pensions and welfare.

“It is our responsibility to reassure older members of our own families that their financial security, pensions and welfare is guaranteed and to explain just how important a Yes vote is to us.”

Miriam added: “It is a chance to protect public services like the NHS that our grandparents have always valued – to create new job opportunities so we can fulfil our careers and build our families in Scotland instead of having to travel to find work.

“A Yes vote is a vote for the generations to come. For younger Scots independence is a once in a lifetime opportunity and it’s so important that we share that with our grandparents.”

And 19-year-old student Kirsten Thornton said: “We think that we’re the best placed people to speak to the older generation about what a Yes vote means. They may well be missing out on social media and so not reading about what it means to us.

“I’ve already spoken to my own grandparents and they’re voting Yes. Now I’d urge other young people to do the same with their relatives.

“I’ve never come across a closed mind on the idea of independence – just a lack of understanding about what it means for our generation.”

First Minister Alex Salmond commented: “This is an inspired campaign and a great excuse to pop round for Sunday lunch at your grans. On Thursday we have the greatest opportunity ever to build a secure future for all of Scotland, young and old by taking our future into our own hands.”