German giant Siemens to quit nuclear industry


German industrial and engineering conglomerate Siemens is to withdraw entirely from the nuclear industry.

The SNP’s Westminster Energy spokesperson Mike Weir reacted to the revelation by claiming the move was further evidence that new nuclear power stations could not be built without massive public subsidy.

Mr Weir said:

“The withdrawal of Siemens is another major blow to the credibility of the nuclear industry and further evidence, if any were needed, that new nuclear power stations cannot be built without massive public subsidy.

“Siemens have specifically cited safety worries following the Fukishima disaster and the decision of the German government to pursue renewables as it’s preferred future energy source.

“The Scottish Government has already signalled it’s commitment to have 100 per cent renewables and the German government’s decision is further vindication of the wisdom of that policy.

“No nuclear power stations have ever been built without massive public subsidy and it is increasingly clear that the UK Government’s claim that new stations will be free of subsidy is complete nonsense.”