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Newsnet Scotland is radically different from the mainstream Scottish media in two fundamental ways.  Firstly we are pro-independence, that alone would make us distinctive and a unique voice in the Scottish media.  But we are also different in another, perhaps even more important way, unlike the BBC and the print media in Scotland, we do not impose an agenda on our readership.  We are not the haughty voice from on-high talking down to ‘little’ Scots who are too poor, too wee and too stupid to think for ourselves.  We really are the voice of Scotland, the voices of ordinary Scots men and women who want our country back.

For the past few weeks a small group of us have been feverishly working behind the scenes in order to bring you the smart and professional looking new site you see today.  We’re doing this without pay, devoting our spare time and energies to a project we are all deeply committed to.  We’ll continue to work away in order to bring news and stories, many of which are ignored or marginalised by the pro-Unionist media, to the attention of the wider Scottish public.  We’ll continue to provide a platform for pro-Scottish voices.  But in order for Newsnet to have long term success, we need you.

We are seeking volunteers to help out in all aspects of Newsnet Scotland’s production and publication.  Everyone is welcome and everyone can help, especially if there are areas where you might have some special skills or knowledge.  It’s all very well complaining about media bias and the anti-Scottish slant of the BBC, now you can do something about it.  Remember what your mammy told you, “If you want something done you need to do it yourself.”  The BBC and the Scottish print media won’t change just because we complain about them, we need to build an alternative.

Don’t worry if you have no previous experience writing for publication.  We will help you to ensure that your pieces are of a professional standard.  We want Newsnet Scotland to be a great success, but we want you to look good too.  But we’re not just seeking people who can write for publication, there are lots of behind the scenes jobs that are vital to the success of a venture like Newsnet.

* News and current affairs correspondents. We always need more writers, especially those willing to contribute articles and stories on a regular basis.

* Local correspondents. We want local correspondents from all areas of Scotland so we can provide full coverage of the activities of our local authorities.  The reason the Unionist parties get away with so much local malpractice is because our mainstream media will not publicise it.

* Overseas correspondents. Are you a diaspora Scot?  You can still help and contribute.  We need reporters who can tell us what’s going on in their part of the world, especially if the story is relevant to Scotland.  We’d also like to hear more from people living in other stateless nations where there is an active campaign for self determination.

* Health, education, environment, disabilities, energy, minority issues etc. If you have knowledge and expertise in any of these areas, get in touch!  Your knowledge and skills can educate the Scottish public.  We are looking for people who can contribute occasional or regular pieces devoted to specialised subjects which are of interest to the wider public and relevant to the campaign for Scottish self-determination.

* Photography and graphics. We need to build up our own image bank of photographs which can be used to illustrate articles.  We don’t just need photos of people in the news, we also need photos of places in the news.  Any graphic artists out there would be an invaluable help in preparing graphs, maps, tables and other useful graphic information to accompany our pieces.

* Scots and Gaelic. We are keen to encourage the use of Scots and Gaelic.  Contact us if you are willing to contribute regular or occasional articles in either language, or if you are interested in helping out with proof-reading and editing Scots and Gaelic articles.

* Behind the scenes. Websites require maintenance, publications require proof readers and fact checkers, media and legal advisors, book-keepers and accountants.  If you have an interest in any of these areas please get involved.  Without those of us who are willing to do the grunt work behind the scenes, nothing is possible.

* Mediawatch. The only way in which we can force a change to media regulation in Scotland is to document, quantify and log the bias present in our existing media, especially the BBC.  This project is at a very early stage of development, if you are interested in getting involved from the very beginning get in touch now.

* Donations. Although we work for free, there are always costs involved.  Servers must be paid for, and sometimes we need to pay for professional work or services in order to run the site properly.  Donations are always welcome and can easily be made through our Paypal account using the “Donate” button.

Contact us at the following email address :

Please mention ‘volunteering’ in the subject field of your email.