Glasgow Labour forced to debate fallout from Purcell scandal


The SNP opposition at Glasgow council have called upon senior officials to be “open and honest about what has happened” after recent events saw the shock resignation of former leader Steven Purcell.

The SNP have also called for a full statement to be made by the acting leader, that an independent investigation be undertaken into the practices and recent decisions of the Council and that the findings be published in full.

Following the announcement of a Special meeting of Glasgow City Council to debate the implications of the recent resignation of former leader of Glasgow City Council Steven Purcell, SNP Leader of the Opposition Councillor James Dornan said:
“The resignation of the former leader was a shock to everyone in Glasgow and a personal tragedy for Steven.
“However, his departure poses problems for Labour in Glasgow, Holyrood and Westminster.
“At various stages, Labour has claimed that a small cabal worked with Purcell to run Glasgow, while at other times there have been reports of a ‘presidential’ style of leadership.  This only serves to confuse the public over how decisions about billions of pounds of spending were made in Glasgow.
“Serious questions remain over the conduct of the administration under his leadership and the people of Glasgow deserve to have clarity over the way their city has been run.  That is why the SNP has led calls for a Special Meeting of the Council, to seek a full statement from the acting leader of the Council, secure a fully independent investigation of decisions taken by the Labour administration under the former leader and to publish all
“The people of Glasgow deserve to know how their money has been spent. The Labour run Council in Glasgow, meanwhile, must learn lessons from this sorry saga, to ensure that such a situation cannot happen again in future”.