Glasgow MSP seeks clarification on UK Border Agency fiasco


By a Newsnet reporter
Glasgow MSP Humza Yousaf has written to Home Secretary Theresa May in the wake of the latest fiasco to embroil the Home Office and the UK Border Agency (UKBA).
Mr Yousaf is seeking clarification on whether innocent members of the public were put under greater examination and scrutiny when passing through Scottish Airports due to the botched pilot scheme run by the Home Office.

Commenting Humza Yousaf said:

“I have for some time highlighted the concerns of members of the ethnic minority community that the number of stops by UKBA was disproportionate.
“Last week it was revealed that one Scottish-Asian businessman now refuses to fly from Scottish Airports because he is constantly stopped, questioned and therefore feels targeted because of his race. 
“I have written to the Home Secretary to ask if this increase in schedule 7 stops in Scotland is related to the pilot scheme which perversely seems to have let thousands of people through our borders without any adequate checks whatsoever.
“I continue to join with other elected members, academics and campaigners to call for a review of airport security.”

Media reports have suggested that Scottish Airports were included in a pilot scheme whereby security restrictions were relaxed on some members of the public while others were put under greater scrutiny and possible examination.

Mr Yousaf added:
“The figures of Schedule 7 stops in our airports show that of the 65,684 people stopped under Schedule 7 less than 1.5% of them were actually detained and even fewer convicted. This highlights the real deficiency and ineffectiveness of such measures.  
“If innocent Scots are being stopped over 10 times while travelling through our airports this will only breed resentment against the authorities and any counter-terror expert will tell you that such a sense of grievance can often lead people towards violent extremism.
“With this latest blunder by the Home Office and UKBA the Government must now listen and stop delaying a review into airport security.”