Glasgow SNP Concern for City’s Asylum Seekers


McDonald Calls for Reassurance for Vulnerable
Reacting to the news that the UK Board Agency (UKBA) has terminated its contract with Glasgow City Council to provide housing for asylum seekers dispersed to the city under the UK dispersal programme, Councillor Bailie David McDonald – SNP Spokesman for Social Care – has called on both sides to get back to negotiations and to reach consensus which would allow those Asylum Seekers living in Glasgow to remain in the City.

Bailie McDonald said,
“For the last 10 years Glasgow has provided a welcome safe haven for thousands of people seeking asylum and refuge.  Asylum Seekers have lived happily in many communities they have integrated into and have contributed to the local society in many ways.
The termination of the contract is very concerning – it means that asylum seekers living in the city could be moved from their current accommodations with only a few days notice.  Further disruption will also be caused to school-aged children and those receiving medical help for physical and mental health needs.
For negotiations between the council and the UKBA to breakdown and to leave already vulnerable people in limbo is simply unacceptable. Glaswegians from all backgrounds will want the Council and the UKBA to sit down with other agencies and ensure that a solution is found as quickly as possible.”
Expressing his unease over the situation Councillor James Dornan, leader of the SNP opposition group said:
“I, along with a number of my colleagues, have already been contacted by Asylum Seekers who are anxious and confused about what the future holds for them after having received letters from the UKBA telling them that they may no longer be housed in Glasgow.  It is crucial that asylum seekers – some of the most vulnerable people in our society – are supported during this period of fear and uncertainty.”