GLOW in the snow


A number of Scottish local authorities have been praised for using innovative teaching methods – despite their schools being closed.

Aberdeenshire Council has arranged a number of learning activities through GLOW – the schools intranet – and West Lothian has also posted a wide range of work for pupils.

Education Secretary Michael Russell said:

“Heavy snow and ice is making life difficult across the country. Government, local authorities and businesses are working hard to keep the country moving but, while we all want to see our schools open, some closures are unavoidable.

“That’s bad news for our pupils. While a day or two playing in the snow is undoubtedly good fun, the reality is that they could fall behind in their studies if this weather keeps up.

“That’s why I’d like to highlight some of the good work been done by some of our local authorities in ensuring that their pupils can keep learning even when they can’t physically get to school.

“Aberdeenshire Council have arranged a series of innovative activities on literacy, numeracy and science through GLOW. The SNOW GLOW initiative is available for Primary pupils to log into remotely and has creative writing, photographs, and outdoor activities as part of it.

“In West Lothian, headteachers have been arranging for updated GLOW pages and posting work for pupils, with particularly good examples at Carrondean Primary School and St Margaret’s Academy.

“While I understand that some schools are trying to reopen today and will continue to do so for the rest of the week, the experts are predicting that this weather is set to continue.

“I would urge local authorities and schools to embrace GLOW and other remote learning opportunities and what they can offer for the benefit of pupils who are unable to attend their local school.

“Parents, I am sure, will also play their part in this and encourage our young people to continue their studies from home.”

GLOW cannot be accessed by members of the public without a password.