Goldie pledges to ‘keep Scotland safe’


Annabel Goldie, Scottish Conservative Leader, has this morning addressed the Scottish Police Federation in Aviemore.

Talking of her party’s commitment to ‘keep Scotland safe’ by maintaining funding for the extra 1000 police officers, she said: “I am proud of my role in giving you 1,000 extra colleagues, out on our streets, detecting, deterring, arresting and helping.

“And yes, that means I won a battle with the other parties: I won over those who didn’t want any extra police and I won with those who would only have delivered 500.

“I gave an ultimatum to the SNP government: ‘Forget fobbing Scotland off with half your 1,000 more police pledge – and make it the full 1,000 or the budget deal is off’. I argued, they bowed, and we delivered. The thin blue line was strengthened.

“And so the challenge in the next parliament is to make sure that these hard won gains – 1,000 extra police and lower crime – are kept. Today, I am not going to promise you anything I cannot deliver.

“But I can promise you that I will not back any budget which does not maintain the funding for the 1,000 extra police. No ifs, no buts, no cuts.”