Goldie to acknowledge independent Scotland financially viable


Scottish Tory leader Annabelle Goldie believes that an independent Scotland would be financially viable, according to the Telegraph.

The admission appears in an article in the paper trailing Ms Goldie’s speech to the Tory party conference.

The SNP has welcomed the comments from the outgoing Scottish leader describing them as a “rare moment of clarity”.

Commenting, SNP MSP for Edinburgh Pentlands Gordon MacDonald said:

“Annabelle Goldie’s comments have been a long time coming.  The Tories have continually trotted out the usual disproved myths and scaremongering for decades, it should be welcomed that they have now finally accepted that Scotland can more than pay her own way financially.  It’s just unfortunate that Annabelle has only managed to pluck up the courage as she prepares to stand down as leader.”

“Hopefully this is a turning point for the unionist camp, where they can actually engage in proper debate about our constitutional future, but I won’t hold my breath.”

“The Tories along with Labour have stood in constant opposition to the people of Scotland having their say on the future of the nation, perpetrating incorrect information about our finances but the reality is that it is Scotland who is bankrolling the London treasury, not the other way about.”

“With record North Sea revenues of £13.4 billion coming this year alone, it is abundantly clear that Scotland has the resources to succeed as an independent nation.”

“Hopefully this new tone of Ms Goldie is more than just a fleeting moment of common sense for the Tory party.”