A suggested direction for greater justice in Scotland


by Gordon Morgan

To decide where we are going, let us look at where we are. Only 72% of working age Scots are employed, down 5% in 3 years, and 7.6% are unemployed, nearer 20% amongst youths. Many are underemployed doing largely unproductive jobs in advertising, financial services, the armed forces, police and prison services.

At the same time:

  • we have a huge shortage of good quality efficient housing;
  • we need to rebuild our electricity generation and transport industries to tackle global warming;
  • we need to grow much more food and trees;
  • train more scientists, skilled tradespeople, doctors, nurses and carers to cope with an aging society;
  • oh and reduce our drug dependencies, rebuild damaged communities and a shorter working week might be nice.

So we have a mismatch of people and tasks. But if we all bought into the need for fundamental change surely we can work out an agreed route to take.

During the war labour was directed to essential industries, plans and targets were drawn up, and implemented, for everything from food to aircraft. Unlike then due to technology, planning could be done much more democratically and effectively with minimal bureaucracy. Put ourselves on a war footing and transform Scotland.

There are obstacles. We have a lending strike by the banks, and governments in Holyrood and Westminster too tied to the status quo and a media that denies change is possible. “Rules” are in place to stop unilateral action by governments and people.

As they say “rules” are made to be broken.

Gordon Morgan is the Secretary of Solidarity.

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