Greener Christmas trees as more fairy lights powered by renewables


Christmas trees in Scotland have been described as ‘greener than ever’ after more of Scotland’s electricity needs were met from renewables – but households were urged to play their part by ensuring that their trees are recycled.

The most recently published figures show that Scotland met 40.3% of its electricity consumption from renewable energy sources in 2012, compared to 20% when the SNP took office in 2007.

The Scottish Government has set ambitious targets for Scotland to become a renewable energy powerhouse, by generating the equivalent of 50% of electricity consumption from renewable sources by 2015 and 100% by 2020.

Meanwhile local authorities across Scotland are preparing to once again offer a range of methods by which people can recycle their Christmas trees, with households across Scotland being urged to plan now to dispose of their tree in an environmentally friendly way.

Commenting, SNP MSP Dennis Robertson said:

“This Christmas our trees are greener than ever, with more Christmas lights being powered from renewable sources.

“Scotland is now producing the equivalent of 40.3% of the electricity we use from renewable energy, compared to just 20% when the SNP took office.

“That is a significant step in making this Christmas a greener one for Scotland, but everyone has their own part to play when it comes to recycling their Christmas tree at the end of the festive period.

“Local authorities across Scotland offer a range of ways to help people recycle their trees after Christmas, from special uplifts to accepting used trees as part of a regular garden waste collection.

“I would encourage everyone in Scotland to play their part in making this a greener Christmas by checking what Christmas tree recycling services are available in their area and making plans to dispose of their tree in an environmentally friendly way.”