Hacking claims as Yes Scotland email account accessed


   By a Newsnet Reporter

The independence debate has taken a sinister new twist today after claims were made that an email account of the pro-independence Yes Scotland campaign group has been illegally accessed.

Police have been asked to investigate “unauthorised access” of an email account linked to the Yes Scotland campaign after questions were posed by a member of the media which appeared to have been based on internal communications.

According to the Telegraph newspaper, an investigation by BT found evidence the account had been accessed “a number of times.”

The Yes Scotland campaign has insisted the account had not been accessed from within its organisation.

The claims follow recent scandals over illegal phone tapping which led to the Leveson inquiry and charges being made against high profile members of News International.

The inquiry heard claims from First Minister Alex Salmond that his own communications had been illegally accessed.  The scandal led to calls for sanctions against the UK’s newspaper industry and promises from the UK government of a crackdown on the illegal practice.