How Labour betrayed Scotland


The Labour party stand accused today of betraying the 1 million Scots who voted for them in this general election….

The Labour party stand accused today of betraying the 1 million Scots who voted for them in this general election.

The resignation of Gordon Brown is the final betrayal by a party who had promised to do all in their power to prevent the formation of a Conservative government.  Scottish Labour’s general election campaign had consisted of just one message – ‘keep the Tories out’.  Scotland responded to that message by restricting the Tory party to just one MP.

The resultant hung parliament brought an offer from the SNP to support the Labour party in a progressive coalition in order to keep the Tories out.  However the offer was publicly trashed by a series of Scottish Labour MP’s within moments of it being made.

Labour and the SNP between them represented 1.5 million Scottish voters, 62% of those who voted.  Today these voters are facing the prospect of 5 years of a Conservative government, a thought that will fill many with dread.

Yesterday it all looked so different as Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced to an astonished UK public his intention to resign as leader of the Labour party.  His resignation was thought to be tactical and required in order to unlock negotiations with the Lib Dems.

Revelations that the Lib Dems and Labour had already held secret talks sent the Tories onto the back foot.  Labour’s offer of Assisted Voting together with a referendum on PR could not be matched by the Tories who remained ideologically opposed to PR; a rainbow alliance looked not just possible but probable.

However Scottish Labour MPs, who had already voiced their disdain for Alex Salmond’s alliance offer, reaffirmed their opposition to working with the nationalists.  MPs Tom Harris and ex Secretary of State Jim Murphy both admitted that a Tory government was preferable to working alongside the SNP.  Holyrood Labour leader Iain Gray was another who objected to doing a deal with the SNP.

Scottish Labour’s vitriolic outbursts contributed to a view amongst Lib Dems that a coalition with the Labour party would not be stable.  The result is that David Cameron will soon enter Downing Street arm in arm with Nick Clegg.

Labour in Scotland held up the ‘V’ for victory sign immediately after the general election result in Scotland.  Today they stuck the same two fingers up to the 1 million Scots who put their faith in them.

Labour may just have squandered the 1 million they won on last Thursday’s lottery.