Hugo Chávez, Ghaddafi’s yae frein heckles UN accion


Hugo Chávez, president o Venezuela an yae o the fyow freins o Libyan dictator Muammar Ghaddafi is on a short veisit ti the South American kintra o Uruguay the nou.  Yestreen at a press conference in the Uruguayan capital o Montevideo, he wis speirt bi Latin-American journalists anent his relacionshap wi the Libyan leader, nou fechtin fur the survival o his regime.

Chávez na-sayed he ettled tae offer asylum ti Ghaddafi or at onie sic offer haed been made.  But Chávez conteinaed tae stuit the Libyan colonel, claimin the Libyan dictator wis “juist daein whit he haes tae dae” agin “imperialist aggression” directit at the Norafrican kintra.  Chávez sayed he haed spoke wi Ghaddafi “yae or twa times”, but at the Libyan leader “haed sayed monie times at he wisnae fur leein Libya”.

The Venezuelan president sayed an aa at whither or no he greed wi whit Ghaddafi thocht an duin, “hit daesnae juisifie onie paircel o kintras bombin him.” He eikit a comparison atwein whit’s happenin in Libya wi Afghanistan an the daith o civilians efter a mistak bi NATO forces fechtin in the kintra.

“A Yankie general cam out offerin excuses juist efter thae haed kullt nine bairns in Afghanistan.  A helicopter pilot thocht thae war guerrillas kis yae nicht he seen signals frae a wuid an he launched his bombs.  But hit wis juist bairns leukin fur wuid fur the fire.”

“Thae hae kullt mullions, hou monie hae deed in Gaza?” he speirt. Bi the wey o the Venezuelan leader, nou the EU and the USA wis about tae “help fowk bi bombin thaim” agane.

“Hit’s juist imperialist madderdum at’s rin aff wi the harras, lowse imperialist cynicism leukin fur yle,” he sayed, eikin at yistreen hit wis Venezuela, referrin ti the attemp tae unseat him in 2002,  “the day hit’s Libya.  The morra hit cud be onie ither kintra.”  Chávez than myndit the press at at the stert o the conflick he haed made a proposal tae nominate a commission o mediatin kintras, but at this wis rejectit.  

Chávez trews at the raison fur Libyas faa frae favour haes tae dae wi Wastrin kintras wantin tae git thair hauns on Libyas assets.  “Hit’s no juist the yle in Libya, hit’s about mair nor yle.  Hit’s tae dae wi the internacional reserves at the kintra haes in Europe and the USA,” he assertit.

“Thae’r robbin mair nor 200,000 million dollars frae the Libya fowk.  A hae been sayin this fur mair nor a month but naebdie answers,” Chávez lamentit an creiticised thaim at cryes him a ‘tyrant’ whyle the US President Barack Obama wis orderin aerial bombardments.

Chávez wudnae reply whan speirt on Libya’s ugsome record on human richts an na-sayed at ther wis nae freedom o speech in the kintra.  

Wurds ye mibbie no ken

heckle – criticise, scold


fyow – few

speir – question, ask, past tense speired or speirt

ettle – intend

stuit – support (pronounced stutt, stitt or steet according to dialect)

eik – add

madderum – madness

rin aff wi the harras – lit. ‘run off with the harrows’, unfettered, unbrindled

trew – believe

ugsome – dreadful, appalling

A note on Scots spelling: The letter o in Scots words usually represents the sound of phone, cold, not the o sound of Scottish English god, top.  So for example ‘god’ and ‘box’ are written the same in Scots as in English, but are pronounced ‘goad’ and ‘boax’, the preposition ‘on’ is pronounced oan.  The vowel in English pronunciations of box, top, god etc is usually written ‘au’ ‘aa’ or ‘aw’ in Scots.  Scots has no need for the English spelling convention ‘oa’.