Humanitarian crisis must be priority for international community


Addressing the impending humanitarian problem in Libya must be a priority of the international community the SNP said today as the Red Cross reported severe hospital overcrowding and growing problems with lack of medication.

The statement from the SNP’s Westminster leader and Foreign Affairs spokesperson Angus Robertson came as volunteer organisations made pleas for medical equipment and trained staff to help the war torn country.

Speaking today Mr Robertson said:

“Reports from Libya show a growing humanitarian problem which must be a priority for the international community.  Urgent action is required to ensure that aid and urgent medical supplies get to where they are needed.

“The Gaddafi regime is in its death throes, and we all hope for the end to the fighting as quickly as possible.

“The UN-sanctioned military intervention has been successful, and we are proud of the role our service men and women have played.  The prize is the emergence of a free and democratic Libya – at long last a government which is accountable to the Libyan people and charged with their welfare.

“As we all look forward to the establishment of a new Libya and an end to the bloodshed, a priority is planning for the difficult road ahead, and the international community giving the new Libyan government every help in ensuring that the undoubted difficulties of this process are minimised.

“Future developments in Libya are the responsibility of the Libyan people and their new duly constituted authorities once the rule of law has been established – the role of the international community is to support this process of peace and democracy in the days, weeks and months ahead.”