Humblebum Gerry Rafferty has died aged 63


by Alex Porter

The singer-songwriter and former Humblebum was admitted to the Royal Bournemouth Hospital in November last year with suspected liver failure. He is known to have received treatment for liver failure in the past.

His family said he died at home peacefully with his daughter Martha this morning.

Rafferty, who was born in Paisley in 1947 is perhaps best known for his international hit song Baker Street from his multi-platinum album “City to City” which contains a sublime saxophone solo which is instantly recognisable around the world.

He also had a huge hit in 1972 with ‘Stuck in the Middle With You’ with his band Stealers Wheel. The song made a comeback as a trailer and background track for Quentin Tarrantino’s 1992 classic movie Reservoir Dogs. A younger generation of Scots will be unaware that the song can be chalked up to a fellow Scot.{/youtube}

Gerry’s career was perhaps launched by his collaboration with Billy Connolly in the Clydeside folk band The Humblebums. Billy and he remained friends throughout their lives. Gerry once remarked that he knew Billy’s days with the band were numbered when his songs got shorter and his jokes were getting longer. You can hear Billy reminiscing about one of Gerry’s pranks in this video:{/youtube}

Rafferty recorded many albums such as “Right Down The Line” and collaborated on projects such as helping in the production of The Proclaimers’ hit song Letter From America. One of my own favourite songs is his homage to Edinburgh and farewell love song to his native Scotland – The Royal Mile.{/youtube}

Gerry Rafferty was an exceptional talent and another of Scotland’s gifts to the world. Some other outlets have speculated on some of the unfortunate elements of his life which may have

contributed to the cause of his death. Newsnet Scotland will leave you to celebrate his life and mourn his passing. He will be sorely missed!

He is survived by daughter Martha, granddaughter Celia, and brother, Jim.