Huntershill House, once home to radical hero Thomas Muir, ‘flogged off’ by council

Prof Gerard Carruthers alongside a bust of the "Scottish martyr" Thomas Muir
Prof Gerard Carruthers alongside a bust of the “Scottish martyr Thomas Muir

By Derek Bateman

Huntershill House north of Glasgow, once the home of political radical Thomas Muir, has been sold off by East Dunbartonshire Council at what appears to be a knockdown price.

The disposal has angered followers of Muir’s swashbuckling story which led to him acquiring the soubriquet Father of Scottish Democracy for his reforming campaigns.

He was convicted of sedition and transported to Australia before escaping and ending up in France where the revolutionaries honoured him.

Last year was his 250th anniversary which was celebrated by members of the council responsible for selling the building. It is likely to become a care home. It is in a poor state of repair and the council has neither plans nor money to make use of it.

Huntershill House, pictured in 2009

The local MP John Nicolson has tweeted that Huntershill was ‘flogged off’ for £140,000 – yet the council is trying to boost tourism revenue. He described the building as “an amazing asset” and an historic house whose sale was unfathomable.

Last year Newsnet spoke to Professor Gerard Carruthers of Glasgow University, an expert on Muir who told us his remarkable life story. You can still listen to the podcast here.