Hurricane Bawbag takes twitter by storm


The internet is abuzz at the moment after a spoof comedic description of Scotland’s current severe gales appeared on Twitter.

Hurricane Bawbag it seems has caught the attention of millions of followers of the internet social media site.

‘BawBag’, a humorous Scottish euphemism for the scrotum, will no doubt cause confusion amongst non-Scots.  It is also used as a derogatory term to describe someone whose character and/or judgement can best be described as questionable.

Such has been the popularity of the tweet that merchandising has already sprung up, allowing purchasers to adorn their very own ‘Bawbag’ shirts.

The phenomena has even made it onto the news pages of STV who give, as famous examples of ‘bawbags’ – Jeremy Clarkson and Matthew Wright.

See the T-shirt here –