Indy site crashes through £53,000 appeal total in just eight hours


A web site which analyses media coverage of the independence referendum has caused a storm on social media after hitting fifty three thousand pounds in less than a day.

Pro-independence online site Wings Over Scotland launched the appeal on Wednesday morning.  Its founder and editor Stuart Campbell had set a 34 day target to raise the cash.

However in a remarkable show of support from the pro-independence community, the £53,000 target was reached in just under eight and a half hours.  The appeal also attracted a one off donation of £10,000.

This is the second such fundraiser by Wings Over Scotland, supporters raised well over £30,000 last year in order to allow Mr Campbell to run the operation full time.

At the time of publication, they had raised over £62,000, prompting the site creator to post a message on the site which read: “We’ll have some comment on that for you when we’ve prised our jaw off the floor.”

The growth in the site’s popularity has seen it attract almost a quarter of a million unique viewers in the last month alone.  Frequently attacked by pro-Union figures, Wings Over Scotland was recently targeted by right wing newspaper the Daily Mail.

It’s uncompromising approach, which sees it regularly highlight lies and hypocrisy from pro-Union media outlets and figures, has made it a firm favourite amongst many from the pro-independence online community.