‘Irrelevant’ SNP closing in



The first ‘snapshot’ of the election campaign has shown Labour with a reduced lead over the SNP.


An Angus Reid public opinion poll out on 8th April show Labour’s lead narrowing to 8% and indicates increasing support for the SNP.


With changes compared to the 2005 General Election in brackets, the figures show the gap between the SNP and Labour is closing:


SNP: 27% (+9)

Lab: 35% (-5)

Con: 21% (+5)

Lib Dem: 14% (-9)


The figures suggest that a growing number of people are being turned off by Labour’s continued insistence that the SNP are “utterly irrelevant” in this election and that the SNP’s ‘local champions’ campaign is proving effective.


The figures will be particularly disappointing for the Lib Dem’s who, ironically, also suggested at the start of the campaign that the SNP were irrelevant.


The Scottish National Party welcomed the findings of the Scottish sample of the poll; campaign co-ordinator Stewart Hosie MP said:


“This may be a small sample but it is significant. This first notable indication of Scottish opinion shows the gap falling to just 8 points, as the SNP go up and Labour fall. Only the SNP can beat Labour in Scotland and this poll shows that there is all to play for.


“The SNP campaign has got off to a good start with our support moving forward. The SNP’s campaign to elect champions to fight for their constituency and for Scotland is the positive, attractive and compelling message of the Scottish campaign.”


Labour’s campaign has struggled in Scotland and the spectre of Steven Purcell still haunts them.


Gordon Brown’s continued refusal to clear up rumours that Steven Purcell’s problems were discussed in Downing Street in 2008 is only adding to their woes.



Poll numbers for Scottish sub-sample were 204 people weighted down to 195.