Diverse Parties back ‘Yes’ to AV campaign


The coming referendum on reform to the voting system has seen many parties coming together to campaign in favour of a change.

Backing a ‘Yes’ vote are: the Liberal Democrats, Labour, the Green Party, Plaid Cymru, the SNP and UKIP.


AV allows voters to rank candidates in order of preference and requires every MP to have secured the support of at least half of their constituents.

Commenting, Lib Dem MP for Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk, Michael Moore said: “AV will end the travesty of MPs getting elected with less than a third of the vote backing them. Under AV, MPs will have to work harder to get elected. They will need to reach out beyond their core support because they need 50% of the vote.

“AV will make our system fairer and is our chance to mend our broken system, to change politics for good.”

Chair of the Liberal Democrat Yes to Fairer Votes Campaign and Party President, Tim Farron, said: “For too long, our system has ignored large sections of the population. More than a third of people voted for a party other than Labour and the Conservatives in May 2010 yet these people are represented by less than a sixth of MPs.

“The Alternative Vote is an evolution, not a revolution. It keeps the best of the current system, the constituency MP but improves it by requiring that an MP gets 50% of the vote. No longer will our elections be decided by a small number of voters in marginal seats.”