John Swinney and Murdo Fraser debate Scottish independence


Earlier this month The Cupar Business network invited John Swinney MSP, Scottish Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Sustainable Growth and Murdo Fraser MSP, Convener of the Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee to debate the business and economy issues surrounding Independence.

A wide range of issues were discussed – the Bedroom Tax, renewable versus nuclear power,  Europe, the Euro, currency options for an independent Scotland and more.

There was a short question and answer section in which Murdo Fraser outlined what he sees as the positive case for Scotland remaining in the UK and a light hearted moment when John Swinney was baffled by a ‘Lady in Red’

There was a healthy turnout for the evening which was one of the best humoured and most informative of the entire campaign.  It is to the credit of both politicians and the moderator, Cupar Business Network Chairman, Peter Southcott that the debate was such a civilised one and by virtue of this so illuminating.

It is indeed refreshing to witness two intelligent and articulate men treat each other with courtesy and due respect. 

That the audience can then hear the answers given is surely a bonus!  We can only hope that the BBC and STV learn from this example of how it should be done and bring us less gladitorial discussions in future which would be to the benefit of everyone involved.{/youtube} 


The event was hosted by the Cupar Business Network and was sponsored by Carters Accountants.