Journalist claims that ‘anti-English bigotry’ exists beneath SNP leadership


Scotsman journalist David Maddox has claimed that “old anti-English bigotry” strongly exists beneath the top level of the SNP.
Writing in the Scotsman newspaper, Mr Maddox claimed that the SNP leadership had managed to broaden its appeal amongst the wider populace by spreading a  “positive nationalism” message about loving Scotland instead of being about hating England.

The journalist, who once claimed to have had his windows broken by nationalist supporters, said that under Alex Salmond the SNP had managed to move away from nationalist stereotypes.

This, said Mr Maddox, was the reason victory for independence is possible in the referendum.

Mr Maddox wrote: “While some of the old anti-English bigotry still strongly exists below the leadership, the SNP under Alex Salmond has successfully conveyed this message to a wider public.

“This is why victory is possible in an independence referendum, the SNP already having built success on two Holyrood election victories.”