Kick-Ass writer backs Salmond


by Rona Mackay

Kick Ass and Wanted comic-book writer and film-maker Mark Millar is the latest in a long list of Scottish celebrities who have committed their support to the SNP and Alex Salmond for First Minister.

The multi-award winnign writer and Hollywood film-maker said: “I fully endorse Alex Salmond as First Minister for Scotland. It’s an unusual move for me to come out in support of any political party publicly, but I think sometimes you have just got to take a stand.

“It’s been a really difficult few years but I think the SNP Government have really risen to the occasion. I think you can define a society by how they treat their poorest and I think this government have really looked after the interests of the people with nothing better than anyone. But at the same time I think they have been great for business, too.

“I think Alex in particular is an amazing politician – the best in the country – and I don’t just mean Scotland, I mean Westminster, too. He is a guy you want in charge, you want a professional economist in charge of the country whenever things are this tough.

“My own personal experience with Alex Salmond is when his office called me a few weeks ago and just said is there anything we can do to help the Scottish film industry. I’m very lucky that I work in Hollywood and I am doing all the things I’ve wanted to do, but there are a lot of talented people in this country who haven’t been given the same opportunities as me.

“So I had a crazy notion of putting business people in touch with filmmakers and having the government organising it, instead of the government just handing out money to make films, having other people invest in movies and do it a bit more like the Hollywood system.

“I met with Alex and he said, ‘That sounds great, let’s do it’. I loved that, the idea it wasn’t the case of let’s have ten more meetings about this. It was just ‘that will work, let’s do it’. He is a guy who means business.”

Alex Salmond said: “Mark is an outstanding example of Scotland’s creative talent at it’s best. I am delighted that he is backing my re-election as First Minister and I am even more delighted that he has offered his support to grow the Scottish film industry commercially. Working with the Edinburgh and Glasgow Film Festivals, I am confident Mark’s track-record and expertise will help attract iinvestors’ interest from Hollywood’s finest, helping Scottish film makers compete internationally.”