Knife crime needs ‘serious rethink’ say officers


Police Officers are calling for the way knife culture is handled to be given a serious rethink. The Scottish Police Federation (SPF) said a “more sophisticated response” was needed to deal with people who used knives as weapons.

The comments come after an analysis made by BBC Scotland, which lends argument to the calls for the knife crime debate to be refocused.

It also shows the percentage of murders caused by knives has neither increased nor decreased.

Statistics also show that, even while legislation has been strengthened to ensure knife carrying in public is prevented, the vast majority of murders happen in the home.

Knife crime has become a key political issue in recent years, with Labour making a Scottish election pledge to ensure those who carry blades will go to jail.

Consistently, however, official figures show that the majority of Scotland’s murders are not caused by knives.

The SNP says violent crime is at its lowest level for a quarter of a century and the number of homicides has fallen by 34% since it took office.

It also pledged to maintain the increase in police strength.