Labour campaign setback as Iain Gray flees from protestors


by G.A.Ponsonby

Labour’s Holyrood campaign suffered a further setback yesterday after leader Iain Gray fled Glasgow Central station after a small group of campaigners staged a protest against Westminster cuts.

The Labour leader was at the station for a planned publicity event in order to highlight the party’s pledge to re-instate the rail link to Glasgow Airport when he was confronted by the group who waved makeshift placards.

Amidst scenes of panic the man who is seeking to become Scotland’s next First Minister was ushered out of the station by aides and took refuge in a nearby sandwich bar.

The protestors, from Citizens United against Public Cuts, were angry at what they saw as Labour’s acceptance of the £1.3 billion of Tory cuts facing Scotland.  Cries of “against the Tory cuts” were heard as the Labour entourage fled the station.

There were also angry claims that a local day care centre was under threat of being demolished by Labour run Glasgow Council for the Commonwealth games but wasn’t being replaced.  Protesters cried out: “You are all corrupt.”

Mr Gray eventually left the sandwich bar and hurried towards a nearby taxi rank where was able to make a getaway in a taxi still pursued by the protestors.

The Labour front man later told STV News: “I spent two years working in the civil war in Mozambique, I’ve been to Rwanda two months after the genocide, I walked the killing fields in Cambodia and I was in Chile three days after Pinochet was demitted from office.

“I’ve been a lot of places, seen a lot of things – that certainly wasn’t the worst of them.

“No, [the incident] wasn’t that shaking really”, he added.