Labour for Independence announce conference plans


A breakaway Scottish Labour group has announced plans to hold its first conference in November.

The group, Labour for Independence (LFI), made up of Scottish Labour party members who support a Yes vote in the independence referendum made the announcement today.

The event which will be held in early November (date and venue to be announced) will cover a wide range of issues which the group said they hoped would lead to taking LFI to the next level.

“After a week in which Johann Lamont has shifted the Labour position to that of the Conservative party, it’s important that some section of the Labour Party offer a true alternative, more aligned to the traditional political ideals of the party and more representative of the people of Scotland.” said Labour for Independence founder Allan Grogan.

After being the surprise hit of the Independence rally last Saturday in Edinburgh.  Labour for Independence said it was keen to play a strong role in renewing real Labour values while continuing its support for Independence for Scotland.

Mr Grogan added: “We would like to extend an invitation to the conference to any Labour members or supporters who share our vision for the future of Scotland, as well as such organisations as Scottish Labour Students for Free Education, Women for Independence and our closely aligned brothers in the Trade Union movement.”

The group said that it hoped that the event would allow them to present a Labour case for Independence and discuss what the policies post a Yes vote in 2014 would be.