Labour for Independence announce line-up for first conference


By Martin Kelly

The campaign group, Labour For Independence (LFI), has announced the line-up for their first conference scheduled for this coming Monday, Nov 12th.

The conference, which will be held in the UTC at Glasgow Caledonian University, begins at 7:30pm and is aimed at Labour party members past or present or those who may be thinking of joining, who are keen to find out more about Scottish independence.

Members of the general public can also attend the event which will hear from some of Scotland’’s most influential and knowledgeable commentators.

Joining a host of respected political figures and artists will be former Trade Union leader Tommy Brennan.

Mr Brennan was Works Convener of the Ravenscraig Shop Stewards, and the man who led the fight to save the Scottish steel industry in the 1980s and 1990s.  He worked at the Lanarkshire steel plant for 31 years until 1991.

Also speaking will be former Labour great Dennis Canavan who as an MP and then MSP made his mark on both UK and Scottish politics with his unflinching adherence to social democratic principles.

“Mr Canavan is the kind of man the Labour party was once proud of.  He stands for everything Labour once was and can be again.  We need people like Dennis who can think for themselves,”” said LFI West Coast Co-ordinator Alex Bell.

Elgin man, Blair Jenkins who rose to head news and current affairs at both STV and BBC Scotland, and now heads the Yes Scotland pro-independence campaign, will also be speaking.

“Having the head of Yes Scotland willing to come and speak at our event and help promote what we are doing can only strengthen our ties with their campaign,”” said LFI campaign organiser, Jude Letham.

The line-up also includes musician and broadcaster Ricky Ross who will be sharing his journey to independence as well as former special adviser to Jack McConnell – Jeane Freeman and Dr John MacDonald who is a lecturer in the Politics and International Development Programme at the University of Dundee.

Labour For Independence was set up by Scottish Labour party member Allan Grogan who became frustrated at the continual refusal of party bosses to acknowledge support amongst a sizeable number of Labour party supporters for independence.  Mr Grogan will also speak at the event.

The event will run until 10pm.