Labour For Independence to hold inaugural Policy Conference at The STUC in Glasgow


Labour for Independence will hold their first policy conference at the STUC in Glasgow this weekend.  Staged over two days, the event will set out a course for a Labour vision in an independent Scotland.

The decision to hold the conference was made to launch a vision of what Labour policy in Scotland could become after a Yes vote.

LFI Leader Allan Grogan declared it to be an important step on the road to a better future for both the Labour Party and Scotland.
“I think it’s very important for the people of Scotland to see that a yes vote doesn’t just mean we will be going down a one way road, rather a yes vote is the starting point to choosing how best we shape our nation.”

The event, which begins at 9.30am on Saturday 27th of July running through to 6pm on Sunday the 28th, will be the first time the STUC has hosted a Labour for Independence event.  There will also be a LFI open mic social on the Saturday evening, starring Alan ‘Citizen’ Smart among others.  This event begins Saturday, 7.30pm at the STUC and is open to all.

Labour for Independence Chairman Alex Bell believes the location of the venue is just as significant as the event itself.

“This is a strong message as to how a real Labour Party in Scotland would operate, it’s the kind of venue Ed Miliband should take his focus groups too!”

Among the many issues under discussion will be the groups position on NATO and development of policies in education, health and infrastructure.  Undoubtedly the show piece of the event will be a discussion on the much vaunted Common Weal, led by Robin McAlpine of the Jimmy Reid Foundation.

“Scotland needs an idea that brings people together. It needs an agenda that includes those living in poverty and those trying to run a decent, local business. We need to help those in work who live in economic insecurity and those who do have economic security but want strong local services and strong social cohesion. Common Weal is a uniting agenda and I look forward to talking about it with the people in Labour for Independence.”

The event is open to all Labour for Independence members, to become a member visit the ‘Join Us’ section of our website,