Labour isolated as council leaders agree finance settlement


Council Leaders have voted in favour of finance settlement proposed by Cabinet Secretary for Finance John Swinney.

On a motion from Independent Councillors, Council Leaders voted 22 to 7 in favour of what is seen as an extremely good settlement for Local Government against the backdrop of swingeing cuts from Westminster.

Labour found themselves completely marginalised as every other party and non-party group dismissed what at best can be described as petty political posturing from Labour Leaders who still cannot vote in favour of anything coming from the SNP, even when it is a clear win for the communities they represent.

COSLA Leaders will now write to the Cabinet Secretary confirming Local Government’s acceptance of his settlement.

Commenting, Deputy Convener of the Scottish Parliament’s Local Government committee Kevin Stewart MSP said:

“Everyone is facing a tightening of belts because of Westminster cuts, and this is a good settlement for local government which Cosla has agreed to.  Throughout the Spending Review, local government will receive a bigger share of resource funds controlled by the Scottish Government, including business rates, than the position inherited in 2007-08.  As a result, key local services and priorities are protected – including the 1,000 extra police delivered by the SNP Government, and opposed by Labour, and the Council Tax freeze.

“Despite the petty political games played by the Labour Party, it is encouraging to see that all other Council Leaders can work across political divides, and in partnership with the Scottish Government, to deliver the best result for our local communities.”