Labour lose control of Midlothian as party “falls apart all over Scotland”


The SNP MSP for Midlothian North and Musselburgh, Colin Beattie, has said Labour’s troubles in Scotland are spreading after a Labour councillor walked out on the party in Midlothian Council.   The resignation means Labour have lost their majority control of the council.  The 18-member council is now split between nine Labour councillors and another group of nine made up of Mr Aitchison, the SNP and the Liberal Democrats.

Bonnyrigg councillor Jackie Aitchison has resigned the Labour whip after he was deselected by the party.  He will contest May’s local election as an independent.

Mr Beattie said the resignation of Cllr Aitchison showed that Labour’s problems in Scotland are spreading from Glasgow where a raft of councillors have already defected or walked out from what was once seen as a heartland territory.

With Labour also suffering a shock defeat in last night’s Bradford West, by-election Mr Beattie said voters across Scotland were no longer looking at the crisis-ridden Labour Party as a serious option.

He added:

“Ed Miliband and Labour must be feeling dejected after losing the Bradford West by-election, and their situation here is just as bad – they are falling apart all over Scotland.

“The party that isn’t clear on anything except their support for the Tories in their anti-independence scaremongering are now facing a crisis just a month ahead of the council elections.

“It’s not just the voters who are deserting Labour – even their own councillors are deserting them in droves.

“As Labour fight amongst themselves the SNP will fight for people all across Scotland and deliver jobs and investment and work for a safer, fairer and more prosperous Scotland.”