Labour mired in confusion over Bedroom Tax as London denies Baillie ‘scrap’ claims


  By a Newsnet reporter
The UK Labour party has denied claims made by MSP Jackie Baillie this morning that the party will scrap the Bedroom Tax.
According to the Herald newspaper, comments from Ms Baillie in which she stated the party would definitely abolish the controversial tax have been described by London bosses as “against what we are saying”.

The apparent slap down by London follows an appearance by Ms Baillie on Radio Scotland where she was specifically asked whether Labour would scrap the Bedroom Tax if they were to win the next UK general election.

Responsing, the Labour MSP said: “Yes we will abolish it.  My understanding is that you can expect an announcement relatively soon.”

However, according to a spokeswoman for the UK party no such decision has been taken: “It goes against what we are saying – we haven’t made that pledge to date,”

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