Labour MP Ian Davidson labels Tory ally ‘stupid bastard’


Scottish Labour MP Ian Davidson has been caught on microphone calling a Unionist ally a “stupid bastard”.

The controversial Glasgow Labour MP made the remark prior to a House of Commons Committee session that was to discuss the Trident nuclear weapons system.

The remark, which was caught by a microphone which was still switched on, was apparently aimed at the Conservative MP, who sits on the Scottish Affairs Committee chaired by Davidson.

It isn’t the first time the Scottish Labour MP had used inappropriate language against a fellow committee member.  In 2012 Davidson was also involved in an incident involving the committee’s sole SNP member, when he was accused of threatening SNP MP Dr Eilidh Whiteford with “a doing” if she spoke to the media.  Ms Whiteford resigned from the committee as a result.

An uncompromising figure, Davidson has regularly courted controversy over his use of intemperate language.

In one incident he infamously described SNP MPs as neo-fascists, whilst in another he said Scots who celebrated the Battle of Bannockburn only did so because “hundreds of thousands of English people were murdered”.