Labour MP Jim Murphy calls BBC-Bias protestors bullies


  Some Scottish journalists and No supporters have questioned the metal health of the people filmed in the short documentary shown below.
The protestors were labelled “nutty”, “bampots” and worse as one Labour parliamentary candidate, likened youngsters at the demo with Hitler Youth.

Labour MP Jim Murphy said they had “lost the plot” and described the people as “angry and divisive”.
Here is Mr Murphy’s quote as published by several news outlets:

“The nationalists’ attempts to bully broadcasters and boycott businesses is the last thing the independence debate needs.

“More and more Scots are looking at their angry and divisive campaign and finding it a turn off.

“The reason for the nationalists’ frustration is clear: after 80 years of campaigning to break up the UK and with just 80 days to go, patriotic Scots are still saying no thanks to their political project.

“They are losing the big arguments and losing the plot in a big way. We have seen lots of online bullying by nationalists, now we are seeing real-world attempts to bully a broadcaster.”

The BBC claimed there were just 350 people present at the demonstration.

Judge for yourself.{/youtube}