Canavan attacks the Labour agenda of “Fear and negativity”


Commenting on remarks by former Labour MP Dennis Canavan, who has said in an online article that the party has lost its fighting spirit, and is “bereft of any big ideas”, SNP candidate for Falkirk West Michael Matheson said the comments were a damning indictment of Labour’s negative election campaign.

Michael Matheson added:

“”Dennis Canavan is a man of the highest integrity, and someone who is deeply respected by the voters of Falkirk West, which is why I am so pleased to have his endorsement in this election.

“However, Dennis’s scathing assessment of Labour and their desperately negative campaign speaks volumes. I agree with Dennis that what people want is a positive vision for Scotland’s future, which is why the campaign to re-elect an SNP Government is proving so successful, with many people deciding to vote SNP for the first time.”